Midwest Book Review Bookwatch: “Eddie, That’s Spaghetti!”

Eddie, That’s Spaghetti! A Story About Being a Dog
Christa Blaney, author
Mark Wayne Adams, illustrator
SYP Kids
c/o SYP Publishing, LLC
978159160705, $18.99, www.amazon.com

Eddie Wallaby believes everything is fare game for snacking including shoes, books, kid’s homework and anything else that is not nailed down. Of course, Eddie is a dog who is just doing what canines naturally do. The story is a fun filled tale showing us all what can happen if an animal is not trained in the proper education of food. With the artwork of Mark Wayne Adams, the book is enhanced as the story unfolds. “Eddie, That’s Spaghetti!” is millions of dog lovers to enjoy the antics of Eddie.

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