Summer Reading List: “DOWN UNDER: Kussins”

The Family Tree Novel series’ steady, enduring story is like a tree growing against nature’s will toward the sky. Driew Qweepie’s perennial story buds, blossoms, grows, and falls from the twisted branches of the Qweepie family tree. The story’s sing-song rhythm creates a songline for readers to follow, scanning a century all told.

The book series begins with a boy starting walkabout, a historical rite of passage into manhood. The moments throughout walkabout are viewed by a magic man chasing along an untimely move from Dawson City, Victoria, Australia’s Outback, to Dawson Springs in rural western Kentucky. This journey becomes a boy’s tracing of his bloodline, discovery of country, and possible death.

DOWN UNDER: Kussins is part of our Summer Reading List for Students! Purchase your own or check the book out at the local library. If it’s not available at the library, request it be added.

DOWN UNDER: Kussins is written by Mark Wayne Adams. This is one of books in his award-winning Family Tree Novel series of chapter books:  STATION: OutlawsOZ: InlawsNO WORRIES: Momus & MamaaysOUTBACK: Bothers & SinistersDOWN UNDER: KussinsG’DAY: AintsMATES: Uncools, and WALKABOUT: Mates.


Who is Ida Mae?

Moment Five: Celebrate

“They be the heathens! Never had me no children, and they be the reason!” Ida Mae tossed a bottled water through a torn grocery sack, and it landed on her boot.

Driew twisted the glass doorknob, opening the back door carefully to avoid hitting Ida Mae. She glanced up at him, forcing a smile. “Ah, Driew, son! Wicked bags these days.”

“Your teapot was boiling, Miss Mae. Do you need my help?” asked Driew, returning her smile to disguise what he had seen.

“I must have turned the stove on in my rush for the store. Lucky you were here. I could have burned the house down!” Ida Mae tossed a water through the opened kitchen door. The bottle stopped against the pantry door. Her aim proved she had unloaded in this manner before. “I likes a sweet brew before leaving for the day.” Ida Mae continued into the kitchen past Driew, her smock filled with bottled waters.

OUTBACK: Bothers & Sinisters by M. W. Adams