Virtual School Visits

Visiting elementary schools doesn’t require leaving the comfort of home. How can professionals get paid to present in schools while working a 9 to 5 schedule? Below are three suggestions for working professionals.
1.  Virtual presentations.
Virtual presentations allow authors to inspire students without physically visiting schools.  Authors can arrange Skype school visits that fit within their work schedule. This can also be achieved using time zones.  An author on the east coast can Skype with schools on the west coast.  Those authors wanting a longer time delay should consider United States military and private schools in foreign countries.  
2.  Pre recorded videos.

Authors can use a pre recorded presentation video followed by answers to student questions.  The questions can be provided in advance by the school.  This technique provides a personal feel to a generic video.  These author must record a video in a professional setting and allow schools time to review the video.  YouTube is also an option for providing a generic video.

Note:  Authors can generate additional income through links to archived video downloads, books, eBooks, and other merchandise!

3.  Leveraging employers’ benefits.

Authors can use sick days, vacation days, and half days through their employer.  Authors should keep their employment status anonymous while utilizing these company benefits.  Loosing a day job playing hooky isn’t rewarding.

By scheduling school visits within reasonable driving distance, a day visit is possible.  Pairing school visits with Book Festivals is even more beneficial to building an audience in a specific area.  A good example is:  Friday school visit near a Book Festival.  Attend the weekend festival.  Follow with a Monday school visit.

The key is selling while working the 9 to 5.  Authors should overcome obstacles of a day job to create successful second income.