Auschwitz #34207: The Joe Rubinstein Story

Joe and Irene Rubinstein, and author Nancy Sprowell Geise wearing the gold medals from FAPA book awards.
Joe and Irene Rubinstein, and author Nancy Sprowell Geise wearing the gold medals from FAPA book awards.

As a FAPA Board Member, knowing talented and motivating people is a reward. Nancy Sprowell Geise’s FAPA success story is one I’ll always cherish.

“Entering the FAPA President’s Book Award was one of the best things I could have done for my book Auschwitz #34207: The Joe Rubinstein StoryI highly recommend all authors and publishers in North America submit their books to the FAPA President’s Book Award. I had no idea when I entered the contest how much fun it would be and the honor that would come with winning. I even wore my medals home on the plane!
Even if the book had not been a finalist or a medal winner, going to the 33rd Annual FAPA Conference was so helpful and informative. Not to mention, what a blast I had meeting so many talented, interesting and fun people!”
—Nancy Sprowell Geise
nancy-sprowell-geiseNancy Sprowell Geise | Author • Presenter • Motivational Speaker
Topeka, Kansas
An Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author

Meet Eddie Price: “Widder’s Landing” and “Little Miss Grubby Toes Series”

Eddie Price is a lifelong native of Kentucky. A graduate of Kentucky Wesleyan College (BA) and Western Kentucky University (MA and Rank I). Eddie has taught history for 36 years (31 at Hancock County High School). He has also taught part-time classes for Owensboro Community & Technical College.

The winner of numerous teaching awards, Eddie has coached many award-winning academic teams and history contest winners. He is active in the Hancock County Historical Society and helped organize the Young Historians Club. Eddie is world traveler who enjoys bicycling, horseback riding and swimming. He now lives in Hancock County, Kentucky.

Eddie is also an award-winning author of Widder’s Landing, Life and Love on the Kentucky Frontier. The first book in his children’s book series is Little Miss Grubby Toes, Steps on a Bee. Eddie’s charismatic personality shines through in Little Miss Grubby Toes naughty but lovable character.

Let Eddie bring his award-winning teaching style to your classroom! Author Eddie Price is renowned for his energetic, educational school visits. He combines his talents with safety personnel in your community to present an entertaining lesson that could save lives.

Visit to learn about Eddie’s books and presentations.

Eddie Price
175 Windsong Drive
Hawesville, KY 42348
Author Facebook Page

Meet Lauri Rubinstein, Author

Lauri Rubinstein, CVCC is the founder and CEO of Limitless Living Now, LLC, My Friendly Giant, LLC and My Friendly Giant Productions, LLC.

She received her BA from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She is a business/life coach, speaker, trainer, and author. As a leader in the direct sales industry for twenty years, Lauri observed that one of biggest reasons people do not accomplish their goals is lack of belief in themselves. Lauri’s life mission is to inspire children and adults to live to their full potential, own their worth, and step into their greatness. Lauri offers speaking engagements, seminars, and coaching to children, business organizations, and parent groups, as well as to individuals.

Lauri’s Books:

“I can’t thank you enough. This process has been wonderful. Thank you for your mentoring and bringing our work to life!” – Lauri Rubinstein

How to Build an Author Platform in Schools

The short answer:  One event at a time! Establishing yourself as a speaker doesn’t happen through self proclamation. Here are three general rules I followed entering the children’s book market.

Be informative, entertaining, and professional.

These qualities set speakers apart from wannabes and mundane know-it-alls.

  • Informative enough that attendees leave empowered hearing your message.
  • Entertaining in a way that attendees share their experience others.
  • And professional in the execution of a quality message.

Speak with audiences.

Speak “with” audiences and you’ll communicate “with” everyone. Speaking “at” or “to” audiences creates a disconnect. Having connections leads to referrals and repeat attendance. Audiences who enjoyed your presentations bring new friends each time they hear you speak.

Connect with other professional speakers. 

Attend others events to watch the speaker and audience interactions. Take notes. How do they connect? Can their technique be applied to your public speaking? Most speakers are great mentors. Especially, when the mentee pays attention, asks valid questions, and applies techniques.

Reading Resources:

Schools a Niche Market for Authors by Jane R. Wood.

Mark Wayne Adams, Author & Illustrator of King for a Day, the Story of Stories

Meet Mark E. Hoog: “Growing Field Books Series”

Mark Hoog is a nationally recognized speaker, a best selling author, the Executive Director of the Children’s Leadership Institute and a Captain with United Airlines. Beginning his career in the aviation field, Mark has spent much of his career delivering command and leadership training to professional pilots around the world.

Inspired by the loss of a friend flying as Captain on flight 93 on September 11th, Mark authored the Growing Field children’s personal growth and leadership book series. The series, best described as Tony Robbins meets Dr. Seuss, is the first children’s series designed as a tool to teach young children the life changing ideas and behaviors associated with personal growth, high self-esteem, self-empowerment, leadership and strong character. The series has captured national attention and has been endorsed by President Bill Clinton, former Secretary of Education Richard Riley, NPR’s Cokie Roberts and top motivational speakers Brian Tracy and W. Mitchell.

Mark travels the country and speaks with corporations, business organizations, parent groups and students of all ages delivering life changing message of Conscious Leadership; A message that challenges people from all walks of life to develop their unique gifts and talents and to share these gifts with the world through their own leadership contribution.

Mr. Hoog lives in Colorado with his wife Kristi and their three children Branson, Morgan and Mitchell and can be contacted through the Growing Field web site at

Mark’s Books:

“I love the way you work. So nice to be working with someone that is not only talented but understands business. Very refreshing.” – Mark Hoog

Meet Mark Wayne Adams, Award-Winning Author/Illustrator/Publisher

Mark was inspired to chase his entrepreneurial dream in the 3rd grade, selling drawings to classmates. Creating books and inspiring others has always been his passion. Mark’s ability to produce quality illustrations at a fast pace and dedication to mentor others has made MWA, Inc. both successful and unique. In the past five years, his authors have won over 50 book awards and he continues to create new, successful products annually.

Mark contributes his talents and time to the community locally and nationally. He promotes reading and writing via public speaking engagements, book signings, and participation in book events from Florida to the Northeastern United States. He has been recognized through the Kentucky Governor’s School for the ArtsKACo (KY Assoc. of Counties)FAPA BoardSCBWIIBPA, and national book awards. He also volunteers his talents to the Kids Need to Read annual calendar and donates books to various organizations.

Mark’s Published Books

Mark’s Book Awards

Mark’s Associations & Affiliations:

★ Official judge of the Readers’ Favorite Illustration Award 2013–2018.

★ Florida Authors and Publishers Association Board Member to President 2009–2017.

★ Independent Book Publishers Association  Since 2008.

★ SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators) since 2009.

★ Storytellers of Central Florida members range from novice to professionals.

★ Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts Alumni — 1988


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