DIY Cover Design Checklist

Consider these items when designing a book cover. Don’t rush the revisions. Just because a good book is written, doesn’t mean anyone will read it. Packaging for a target audience is what sells the book. Compare the best in your genre, book size, and include the consider the readers.


Compare Genre Cover Art:
CEO at 20 would probably appeal to teens and college students. The imagery should reflect this. These 3 book covers appeal to that market.
MWA Inc-DIY Cover Design
  1. The Entrepreneur Mind is a best seller. The book thumbnail image is impressive and clear. Most people will not recognize your name, so the title needs to catch their eye.
  2. The College Entrepreneur has numerous reviews and a 5 star rating. It’s color is catchy and the image tells a simplistic story.
  3. Millennial Millionaire shows a young man, mid 20’s. Hire someone you know that looks the part of a CEO at 20. The CEO can be either an attractive male or female or both depending on your audience. My thoughts would be in dress shirt and swim trunks working in a fun environment. Not an office because, that’s cliche and probably not the case of entrepreneurs.


Compare Genre Book Size:


The Little Blue Book of Reasoning by Brandon Royal is small in size. Your book title says, “Little Book…” Why not make the print book small and within industry standards. One of my favorite business books, The Greatest Salesman in the World, is small enough to slide in my back pocket or cargo shorts. The dimensions are located in the book description online.


Request Reader Feedback:
Before you publish your book, get readers involved. Use to for feedback. Consider your reading demographic’s input for solid input. Or get input from publishing professionals.