Meet Mark E. Hoog: “Growing Field Books Series”

Mark Hoog is a nationally recognized speaker, a best selling author, the Executive Director of the Children’s Leadership Institute and a Captain with United Airlines. Beginning his career in the aviation field, Mark has spent much of his career delivering command and leadership training to professional pilots around the world.

Inspired by the loss of a friend flying as Captain on flight 93 on September 11th, Mark authored the Growing Field children’s personal growth and leadership book series. The series, best described as Tony Robbins meets Dr. Seuss, is the first children’s series designed as a tool to teach young children the life changing ideas and behaviors associated with personal growth, high self-esteem, self-empowerment, leadership and strong character. The series has captured national attention and has been endorsed by President Bill Clinton, former Secretary of Education Richard Riley, NPR’s Cokie Roberts and top motivational speakers Brian Tracy and W. Mitchell.

Mark travels the country and speaks with corporations, business organizations, parent groups and students of all ages delivering life changing message of Conscious Leadership; A message that challenges people from all walks of life to develop their unique gifts and talents and to share these gifts with the world through their own leadership contribution.

Mr. Hoog lives in Colorado with his wife Kristi and their three children Branson, Morgan and Mitchell and can be contacted through the Growing Field web site at

Mark’s Books:

“I love the way you work. So nice to be working with someone that is not only talented but understands business. Very refreshing.” – Mark Hoog