Eddie Price wins Gold Medal in the Mom’s Choice Awards “Best Picture Book” Category!

Congratulations to Kentucky author Eddie Price won his second Gold Medal for “Best Picture Book” in the prestigious Mom’s Choice Awards. Little Miss Grubby Toes Plays with Fire! follows in the footsteps of the series’ first book, Little Miss Grubby Toes Steps on a Bee!accompanied by a new children’s program with the new book!

These include: Reading, Q&A, Coloring sheets, Singing, and Puppet Show!  GREAT for libraries and schools. Choose from a variety of programs: 

  • “Little Miss Grubby Toes Plays with Fire!” (Great fire safety lesson.  Little Miss Grubby Toes flunks her quiz–kids have to help her!)
  • “Little Miss Grubby Toes Steps on a Bee!” (includes a PowerPoint slideshow “Bees and the Good Things They Do For Us.”)
  • “How a Children’s Book Happens.” (Grades 3-adult–audience learns about how children’s books happen–and watch one built before their very eyes!)

Eddie has presented historical programs and has TWELVE programs listed at his website Eddie Price Kentucky AuthorIf you would like a children’s program for your library or school system, please contact Eddie Price at eddieprice.1954@att.net.