Mark’s Illustrated Books

Mark’s Illustrated Books:

  1. “Stick Horse Derby”—Mark Wayne Adams
  2. “Peppermint the Unicorn”—Mark Wayne Adams
  3. “Nana G, That’s Fancy!”—Christa Blaney
  4. “Dolly, A Dog, And A Camper”—Kay Whitehouse
  5. “Dolly Becomes a Scout”—Kay Whitehouse
  6. “A Hand Truck Named Dolly”—Kay Whitehouse
  7. “MATES: Uncools”—M. W. Adams
  8. “G’DAY: Aints”—M. W. Adams
  9. “DOWN UNDER: Kussins”—M. W. Adams
  10. “OUTBACK: Bothers & Sinisters”—M. W. Adams
  11. “Eddie, That’s Spaghetti!”—Christa Blaney
  12. “Violet the Hugging Octopus”—Sherry Duquet
  13. “Nicolás, ¡eso es ridículo!”—Christa Blaney
  14. “Juliana, ¡eso son tonterías!”—Christa Blaney
  15. “Pilgrims: Fly on the Wall Series”—Linda Smigaj
  16. “Mayflower: Fly on the Wall Series”—Linda Smigaj
  17. “Little Miss Grubby Toes, Climbs to High!”—Eddie Price
  18. “Little Miss Grubby Toes, Eats too much Candy!”—Eddie Price
  19. “Little Miss Grubby Toes, Falls in th Pool!”—Eddie Price
  20. “Little Miss Grubby Toes, Plays with Fire!”—Eddie Price
  21. “Little Miss Grubby Toes, Steps on a Bee!”—Eddie Price
  22. “Mighty Madeline”—Julie Watling
  23. “Kilpatrick McMurray McFrown”—Sarah Sproles
  24. “Eli’s Balloon”—Candace Ruffin
  25. “Floppanopolis”—John Hope
  26. “Frozen Floppies”—John Hope
  27. “Parts of Speech Parade, New York City”—Irina Dolinskiy
  28. “Johari’s Joy”—Carol Hensel
  29. “Franny Finds a Home”—Crystal White
  30. “Franny’s Rescue”—Crystal White
  31. “Polly and Her Pigtails”—Debra Latiolais
  32. “County Government Activity Book”—Kentucky Association of Counties
  33. “Nicholas, That’s Ridiculous! A Story About Being a Boy”—Christa Blaney
  34. “Jilli, That’s Silly! A Story About Being a Girl”—Christa Blaney
  35. “Pop the Bubbles, 1-2-3”—Jen Goble
  36. “My Friendly Giant”—Lauri Rubinstein
  37. “My Friendly Giant, Playing Along the Cliff Walk”—Lauri Rubinstein
  38. “The Little Skunk Who Was Afraid to Stink”—Brielle Kelley
  39. “The Border Patrol is Born”—Toni Zufelt
  40. “Scribble Dee Sophie: A Story for Young Artists and Their Parents”—Karen Spruill
  41. “Teddy Tales: The Adventures of a Rescue Puppy and His Friends”—Karen Spruill
  42. “King for a Day, the Story of Stories”—Mark Wayne Adams
  43. “Best Sketchbook”—Mark Wayne Adams
  44. “Good NightMare”—Mark Wayne Adams
  45. “Miss Mary’s Missing Book Bag”—Mark Wayne Adams
  46. “Field of Dreams”—Mark Hoog
  47. “Treasure Island”—Mark Hoog
  48. “The Belly Button Fairy”—Bobbie Hinman
  49. “The Fart Fairy”—Bobbie Hinman
  50. “The Freckle Fairy”—Bobbie Hinman
  51. “G.B. Duck’s Autobiography”—Chip Tullar
  52. “Lu and the Earth Bug Crew, Zap the Energy Spikes”—Derek Sabori
  53. “Jadyn and the Magic Bubble, I Met Gandhi!”—Brigitte Benchimol
  54. “Jadyn and the Magic Bubble, Kenya Kenya!”—Brigitte Benchimol
  55. “Guinea in My Cap?”—Wanda Hughes
  56. “Shanti the Yogi”—Spirit Voyage Music
  57. “The McGregor’s and Me”—David Garrett
  58. “The Little Orange Salamander”—Dolores J. Mazzeo
  59. “The Nerds”—Beverly Webel
  60. “Dogs of the Caribou and Other Stories”—Mary Gentry
  61. “Frank an’ Me”—Robert Wolley
  62. “Rainbow Bridge & Other Stories”—Doris Church
  63. “Cultural Cancer, Restoring Social Health”—Dale J. Hyland
  64. “The Gift of the Animals”—Doris Church
  65. “The Magical Forest”—Kristen Mason