Summer Reading List: “Jilli, That’s Silly! A Story About Being a Girl”

With this lighthearted story, children will relate to Jilli and the silly things she does, while parents will appreciate the humor behind these happenings. Jillian Wallaby is always doing silly things and her mom is always letting her know, exclaiming “Jilli, that’s silly!” at the silly things her daughter does. Finally, her mom realizes that she isn’t being silly after all—she’s just being a girl. Also featured is a book talk to engage children in discussion, imagination, and perception.

Jilli, That’s Silly! A Story About Being a Girl is part of our Summer Reading List for Students! Purchase your own or check the book out at the local library. If it’s not available at the library, request it be added.

Jilli, That’s Silly! A Story About Being a Girl written by Christa Carpenter, illustrated by Mark Wayne Adams, and edited by Jennifer Thomas.