Summer Reading List: “Teddy Tales, the Story of a Rescue Puppy”

“What kind of dog is that?” Teddy, the rescue dog, is a mixed breed of love, fun, and curiosity. When he comes to live with Kay and Sam, their neighbor boy, Josh, learns that kids and dogs have a lot in common. And everyone joins in the adventures.

Teachers, counselors, parents, and grandparents will enjoy reading Teddy Tales, the Story of a Rescue Puppy with children, as a pet-assisted guide to discuss:
• adoption
• bullying
• caring for pets
• choices in eating
• going to school
• grief and family illness
• making friends
• running away
• scary haircuts
• sleepovers
• the meaning of family
• unique qualities

Teddy’s friends invite you to share his adventures:

“Teddy Tales is a seriously fun look at how caring for a special dog can help us better understand our own choices and behavior.”
—Otto Fad, Jr., professional animal behaviorist

“Teddy Tales is delightfully told and insightfully written. Combining her ability to craft a story with her counselor’s heart, Spruill uses the ordinary adventures of a dog to give us all a deeper understanding of what it means to truly experience healthy, balanced living.”
—Sandra Doran, Ed.D., Executive Director,;

“Teddy Tales is a must-read for anyone who loves dogs or children—or both! It is a true story, told with compassion, insight, and humor.”
—Patti Boyle, President, Buddies for life, Inc., Orlando, Florida

Teddy Tales, the Story of a Rescue Puppy is part of our Summer Reading List for Students! Purchase your own or check the book out at the local library. If it’s not available at the library, request it be added.

Teddy Tales, the Story of a Rescue Puppy is written by Karen Spruill and illustrated by Mark Wayne Adams.