Meet Author Derek Sabori

An Art grad with an MBA, author Derek Sabori’s has always wanted to be an Earth Bug. Realizing that’s a lot easier said than done, he lives vicariously through Lu and the Earth Bug Crew. When not dreaming up new adventures for the Crew and focusing on living a low-impact life of his own, Derek can be found heading up environmental affairs at action-sportswear giant Volcom; spending time with his wife; skateboarding with his son and daughter; or sneaking away for a surf on his own.

Derek’s book, Lu and the Earth Bug Crew Zap the Energy Spikes, was illustrated as a collaborative effort between Steve Riley and Mark Wayne Adams. In this Earth Bug adventure, Lu and the Crew start their day by shredding it up. After skating, surfing , and enjoying the outdoors, they arrive home to discover that something’s up—or ON! It’s time for Earth Bug Action!