Summer Reading List: “My Friendly Giant, Along the Cliff Walk”

Our Limitless Giant reminds us to stay present to our surroundings. Nature is the playground that entices all our senses as we see, feel, hear, smell and play in it! On our journey, we discover how amazing our world is and all that is possible within it.

My Friendly Giant, Along the Cliff Walk is part of our Summer Reading List for Students! Purchase your own or check the book out at the local library. If it’s not available at the library, request it be added.

My Friendly Giant, Along the Cliff Walk written by Lauri Rubinstein and illustrated by Mark Wayne Adams.

Meet Lauri Rubinstein, Author

Lauri Rubinstein, CVCC is the founder and CEO of Limitless Living Now, LLC, My Friendly Giant, LLC and My Friendly Giant Productions, LLC.

She received her BA from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She is a business/life coach, speaker, trainer, and author. As a leader in the direct sales industry for twenty years, Lauri observed that one of biggest reasons people do not accomplish their goals is lack of belief in themselves. Lauri’s life mission is to inspire children and adults to live to their full potential, own their worth, and step into their greatness. Lauri offers speaking engagements, seminars, and coaching to children, business organizations, and parent groups, as well as to individuals.

Lauri’s Books:

“I can’t thank you enough. This process has been wonderful. Thank you for your mentoring and bringing our work to life!” – Lauri Rubinstein