Summer Reading List for Students

Looking for interesting books to spark summer reading? Check out these fun reads at the local library, bookstore, or online. If titles aren’t available in the library system, kindly request they be added.

This list includes a variety of books for all reading levels. From AR (Accelerated Readers) to chapter books—ignite reading interest for students this summer!

  1. “Kilpatrick McMurray McFrown”Sarah Sproles
  2. “DOWN UNDER: Kussins”M. W. Adams
  3. “OUTBACK: Bothers & Sinisters”M. W. Adams
  4. “Pilgrims: Fly on the Wall Series”—Linda Smigaj
  5. “Eli’s Balloon”Candace Ruffin
  6. “Frozen Floppies”John Hope
  7. “Parts of Speech Parade: New York City”Irina Dolinskiy
  8. “Franny’s Rescue”Crystal White
  9. “Polly and Her Pigtails”Debra Latiolais
  10. “Nicholas, That’s Ridiculous! A Story About Being a Boy”Christa Carpenter
  11. “Jilli, That’s Silly! A Story About Being a Girl”Christa Carpenter
  12. “My Friendly Giant”Lauri Rubinstein
  13. “My Friendly Giant, Playing Along the Cliff Walk”Lauri Rubinstein
  14. “Little Miss Grubby Toes, Steps on a Bee!”Eddie Price
  15. “Scribble Dee Sophie: A Story for Young Artists and Their Parents”Karen Spruill
  16. “Teddy Tales: The Adventures of a Rescue Puppy and His Friends”Karen Spruill
  17. “King for a Day, the Story of Stories”Mark Wayne Adams
  18. “Good NightMare”Mark Wayne Adams
  19. “Miss Mary’s Missing Book Bag”Mark Wayne Adams
  20. “Field of Dreams”Mark Hoog
  21. “Treasure Island”Mark Hoog
  22. “Dream Machine”Mark Hoog
  23. “Your Song”Mark Hoog
  24. “Magic Mountain”Mark Hoog
  25. “Johari’s Joy”Carol Hensel
  26. “G.B. Duck’s Autobiography”—Chip Tullar
  27. “Lu and the Earth Bug Crew, Zap the Energy Spikes”—Derek Sabori
  28. “Jadyn and the Magic Bubble, I Met Gandhi!”Brigitte Benchimol
  29. “Jadyn and the Magic Bubble, Kenya Kenya!”Brigitte Benchimol
  30. “Guinea in My Cap?”Wanda Hughes
  31. “Lost in Boston”Jane R. Wood
  32. “Ghosts on the Coast: a Visit to Savannah and the Low Country”Jane R. Wood
  33. “Trouble on the St. John’s River”Jane R. Wood
  34. “Adventures on Amelia Island: a Pirate, a Princess, and a Buried Treasure”Jane R. Wood
  35. “Voices in St. Augustine”Jane R. Wood
  36. “Jace’s Adventure in the Forbidden Forest”Diane Harper
  37. “Jace’s Adventure at Crystal Lagoon”Diane Harper
  38. “Mayflower: Fly on the Wall Series”—Linda Smigaj
  39. “Dolly Becomes a Scout”—Kay Whitehouse
  40. “A Hand Truck Named Dolly”—Kay Whitehouse
  41. “Dinosaurs Living in MY HAIR?”Jayne Rose-Vallee
  42. “The Rocket Ship Bed Trip”N. Jane Quackenbush