Review: Dinosaurs Living in MY HAIR!

Dinosaurs Living in MY HAIR! 3D-book
Dinosaurs Living in MY HAIR!
 is a delightful story, describing the anxiety expressed by six-year-old Sabrina who is plagued by curly, unruly hair. She experiences daily annoyance as she gets ready for school each morning, because she can’t tame her wild curls. Haunted by a comment her mother once made, Sabrina wonders if there could actually be dinosaurs hiding in her ringlets.

Author Jayne Rose-Vallee tells Sabrina’s story through rhyming text, giving the story an engaging narration. The book is beautifully illustrated, capturing Sabrina’s frustration—showing her with her hands on her hips in annoyance, looking angrily in the mirror, and revealing a scrunched up face as her mother combs out her tangles. Young girls will especially enjoy this whimsical story.

Teachers, parents, and grandparents can make the story more meaningful by discussing how the illustrations reinforce what the words are saying, and how the pictures effectively portray Sabrina’s feelings. Introducing pre-school and early elementary youngsters to reading skills like these will help prepare them for many of the literacy activities they will be doing in school.

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Jane R. Wood is the author of Schools: A Niche Market for Authors and an award-winning series of chapter books: Voices in St. AugustineAdventures on Amelia IslandTrouble on the St. John’s RiverGhosts on the Coast, and Lost in Boston.


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