Sketchbooks: Artists’ Best Portfolio

Anyone who knows me, knows drawing is a huge part of my life. Obviously—since my Best Sketchbook is usually in hand. Drawing in public creates magical moments for me and people passing by. Inspired by what they see, onlookers pause to share stories or ask questions.
The most popular question is: “Do you illustrate for a living?” I kindly respond with “Yes, how did you know?” The conversation steers in one of two directions. First, people tell me about someone they know or themselves, who has the same gift. I offer words of advice from personal experiences about following their passion. I also recommend a Best Sketchbook for continued practice.
The second conversational direction is: “I know someone looking for a book illustrator. Do you illustrate for people?” My response, “Yes, I do. If you have their contact information, I’ll email them.” A random person can become an instant professional lead, without advertising. Using my handy sketchbook, I write the contact information on a blank page. Yes, smart phones are faster, however my smartphone didn’t stop this person.
Fill your sketchbooks with memories of where and who you met along the way. The benefits are practice, exposure, and leads. Plus make new friends doing what you love, creating your portfolio!
—Mark Wayne Adams, Professional Doodler