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Mark’s workshops support not only arts and writing in schools K–12, but also educate book publishing professionals. Persons interested in, K–12 workshops, professional workshops, or private consultations can email Mark.

Mark Wayne Adams’s Previous Workshops & Events

  • International School Dongguan, China
United States:
  • Annapolis Arts Festival, Annapolis, MD 2010
  • Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Bel Air, MD 2009, 2010
  • Borders, Baltimore, MD 2010
  • Costco, Baltimore, MD
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina

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What research did you do and how did you go about discovering your inspiration?

What research did you do and how did you go about discovering your inspiration?


Reading and sharing my interest in places and ideas inspires me. When I decided to use the outback as my theme, I received various comments and feedback—positive and negative. Naturally I chose the theme since every parent and child has played in the magical outback at some point in their lives.

I chose to read children’s books to adult fiction about Australia. This taught me what Gulia’s character might learn at her age and what her mother might experience as an adult. Discussions about Australia revealed information about living there that I had not experienced. Smells, sounds, events, and moments only residents can relay.

Lastly I wrote a list of commonalities of Australian and United States families. I chose native folklore, ancient trees, and immigrant family history.

Read the full OUTBACK: Bothers & Sinisters, Conversation with the Author

10 Steps That Create Successful Events

10 Steps That Create Successful Events

You’ve scheduled an author/illustrator visit. The date is reserved. So, what’s next?

Next make others aware of who is visiting. Below is the AIM Kit (Author/Illustrator Media Kit). Events become more fun, memorable, and stress-free by using these forms. Not all forms apply for every event. Use the forms that fit your event.

1.  AIM Kit:

Download the entire AIM Kit here. This includes: table of contents, letter of intent, bio, awards, order form, posters, activities, and more.

2.  Author Bio:

Use the Author Biography page to educate teachers about the author. Students will have questions and so will teachers.

3.  Contact the Media:

Use the Press Release page to share information through the students’ newspaper and TV show. Also share the information with local websites, newspapers, and TV stations.

4.  Author Photo:

Use the Author Photo to familiarize staff and students.

5.  Author Poster:

Use the Author Poster to familiarize staff and students about the books and author. Poster includes fields for Date, Time, and Location.

6.  Library Book Order Form:

Use the Library Book Order Form to order discounted books for your school. A tax exempt certificate is required for all school orders. (Note: Staff orders through the school are accepted. Please notify author.)

7.  Student Book Order Form:

Use the Student Book Order Form for all taxable orders. Enter the local tax rate on the form prior to distributing. Pre Orders and Post Orders are taken. No books are sold the day of the event. (Note: All book orders are personalized and are non-refundable.)

8.  Activities:

Use these Activities to encourage writing and drawing creativity or:

  • host a school writing competition
  • author luncheon for academics
  • teacher and author breakout session
  • author interview by students
9.  Author Introduction:

Use the Author Introduction to give a unique introduction during each session.

10.  Write about the Author:

Use these 5 Ways to Promote Literacy Week or take a class photo during the Author visit. Encourage students to write or draw about the Author’s visit. You may also encourage students to write book reviews of the Author’s books or have them write letters to the Author.

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Reading resources: Schools: A Niche Market for Authors written by Jane R. Wood.

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Meet Christopher Epling, Award-Winning Illustrator

Christopher Epling (Professional Illustrator, Pikeville, KY) Christopher is an award-winning illustrator and one of MWA, Inc. affiliated illustrators.  He works in a variety of mediums. Mainly colored pencil, watercolor, pen and ink, and digital are his preference. Be sure to look over all parts of his website to see examples of his work. Should there be a particular style you prefer, but can’t find on his websitecontact him. He is happy to send reference pieces via email. Christopher has visited over 150 schools conducting various workshops and presentations. Some schools hire him to work with groups like the gifted and talented students, art students, writing, etc. His visits range from day visits to week long residencies. If you are Interested in scheduling a workshop, please contact him at:​​​. Authors and publishers who work with Christopher enjoy his connection with readers. Hiring him is like having a second marketing team. Christopher’s illustrated books:

Mark’s professionalism and approach to the complete publishing experience has taught me so much about my responsibilities as an illustrator. I simply wouldn’t suggest placing your confidence anywhere else.”Christopher