Meet Sarah Karam Sproles, author of “Kilpatrick McMurray McFrown”

Sarah Karam Sproles is a former educator, with experience ranging from home schooling to teaching elementary through college-age students in the classroom. Sarah loves encouraging young people to ignore the naysayers and strive for their dreams. She challenges them to seek ways to improve the world around them.

Sarah was inspired to write while exchanging silly stories with students while on lunch duty at her son’s school. When she’s not producing encouraging stories, Sarah enjoys spending time with her family, singing, working with youth, traveling, and organizing everything around her. She’s been told she far outperforms the Energizer Bunny!

Sarah is a proud Okie, living in California with her husband, Alan; her son, Brady; and their incredible Shih-poo (Poodle/Shih Tzu mix), Busterooni the Flying Circus Dog! Sarah is stepmom to Marisa and Alana and has six amazing grandkids. This is Sarah’s first picture book.

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kilpatrick-mcmurray-mcfrown-bookcover-3d-rgb-72dpi-www-mwa-companyKilpatrick McMurray McFrown
Written by Sarah Karam Sproles and Illustrated by Mark Wayne Adams
ISBN:  978-1-59616-037-8

Retail Price: Not Yet Released


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