Driew’s Sing-Song

A certain sequence of events must happen in every person’s life to make the inevitable and avoidable impossible.

Driew sing-song, rubbing his hands across to the swaying tree’s bark. His pencil floated above. New leaves whispered along with his song.

The bark gently rolled open, revealing the living wood beneath. The words in his heart and song carved themselves into the tree. Cursive memories of his Outback experience.

This is your story. His sing-song had purpose.

OUTBACK: Bothers & Sinisters by M. W. Adams


Who is Misses Merrie?

Moment Six: Festival

Missus Merrie chimed in, “I could search the Hopkins County Public Library. May I?” Miss Merry searched the county library system. “There is one book on cursive, The Cursive Handwriting Workbook. It’s located at our sister branch, Warren County Public Library. I can have the book delivered in a few weeks. Can you wait?”

“We’ll wait!” said Gulia.

“Which of you has a library card? I can place the hold now if you like,” said Missus Merrie.

Gulia whipped out hers. “Here, use mine!”

“You won’t get far in this town without a library card, mister. I can issue you a number now, and come by the public library Tuesday for your card. There, the handwriting book is reserved on Gulia’s card. I will also add some picture books my son illustrated. You can read them while you wait, Gulia!” said Missus Merrie. If there was anything you could fault her for, it was pushing her son’s literature.

OUTBACK: Bothers & Sinisters by M. W. Adams