Episode 6 Booth Setup Supplies


Episode 6: “Booth Setup”

Event booth setup involves multiple tasks: display assembly, banner, inventory, and much more. Use Episode 6: “Booth Setup” in planning book festival booth setup. Below are supplies that customize your book display.

#1. Book Display

Book display can range from folding tables draped with custom table cloths, portable book shelves, rolling book carts, to custom built shelving as seen in the video. (Contact us to order custom built Book Display A-Frames or Tables)

#2. Banner

Banners vary in sizes and materials from retractable freestanding banners to hanging banners, as seen in the video.

#3. Decorations

Choose a themed decor that relates to the book(s) being promoted. Example: If you’re promoting a pirate book, consider using flags, jute rope, fishing buoys, pirate hat, sea animals, ship, and wide colorful ribbons.

#4. Inventory

Corrugated shipping boxes turned on their side can be used to display inventory on the book display. Stack or shelve the inventory in a clear easily accessible format that customers can access.

#5. Event Bag

A good Event Travel Bag has everything necessary for events or airport travel. Items in the bag include:  Metal scissors, box cutterpocket knifehard plastic pencil box, Duct tape, clear shipping tape, zip ties (various sizes), safety pins, and lightweight rope.

#6. Rolling Dolly

A rolling dolly aids in securely transporting event display materials. Choose a heavy duty dolly, collapsable dolly, or standard dolly that fits your event needs.

Episode 5 Shipping Supplies

Episode 5: “Shipping Books”

Packaging and shipping signed books is for Illustrators and authors. Use these tools for your efficiency and success. Create a shipping method that works for your business and book releases. As discussed in Illustrator Life Episode 5, these supplies are used in shipping books to customers.

#1. Adhesive Shipping Labels

Print multiple labels with your company address on an 8.5″ x 11″ adhesive label sheet: 2 up, 3 up, or more. Preprinted shipping labels minimizes the time necessary in hand labeling orders.

#2. Bags

Handle plastic bags come in various sizes and quantities. Choose the quantity and sizes that will hold multiple books. Inserting a book(s) into a plastic bag, protects against moisture in transport. These bags can also be used at book events.

#3. Padded Envelopes

Padded envelopes come in various sizes. Choose a quantity and one or more sizes that will hold a single book or multiple books.

#4. Boxes

Corrugated shipping boxes come in various sizes and quantities. Choose a quantity and one or more sizes that will hold a single book or multiple books without extra packaging materials: packing peanuts, packing Kraft paper, or packing foam.

#5. Clear tape and Dispenser

Secure all padded envelopes and boxes using clear shipping tape. A handheld tape dispenser is more flexible when wrapping large boxes.