Kussins on The Authors Show

  • M. W. Adams give us a quick synopsis of your Family Tree Novel series and DOWN UNDER: Kussins.

The Family Tree Novel series is a real and relevant story about modern family relationships and hometown history.

In DOWN UNDER: Kussins, Pester’s unyielding pranks force Driew to question his biggest bother’s not-so-loving intentions. During Driew’s countrified lessons with twins, Able and Cain Poe, a brotherly secret surfaces. Driew vows to protect family secrets and moments, carving their words down under the Outback tree’s protective bark.

  • Is there a specific type of reader you had in mind when you wrote your book?

I wrote this book for tween/teen readers to understand family roles and how love works. Whether readers are the oldest, middle, youngest, adopted, blended, or an only child, they’ll related to a Family Tree Novel character. The series’ Walkabout moments offer family perspectives of Driew’s journey along an uprooted Aboriginal songline.

  • What influences your writing style?

Reading is a strong influence. When writing middle grade YA, I must research myself at that age: fears, actions, and reactions to surviving your social tribe. In my youthful exploration of love and family, I used books like: The Five Love Languages of Teenagers, Gary Chapman and Growing Up First Born, Kevin Leman.

Research is a fascinating influence. In the Family Tree Novel series I decided to include my research as second source reading for educators. Beyond the book reading includes: local history, traditions, foods, and social factors.

Lastly words and language are important influence in writing. Words have unique meanings in various cultures. Take for example Caddywompus, (a non-derogatory word to describe functions or actions associated with uncharacteristic behaviors, socially or physically). My neighbor used the word to describe a table with a short leg, or a photo that hung off-centered on the wall.

  • What makes your characters unique?

Each teen characters express love differently based on the role they play in family hierarchy. I also like that each has their own sense of humor that sparkles throughout.

  • Where can we purchase your book?

If visiting the small town from the book, Dawson Springs, Kentucky, Southern Belles and Notions on the town square or Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park gift shop are my two favorites. The books are available at my publisher’s website: syppublishing.com, my website: markwayneadams.com, or any major retailer.

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RADIO INTERVIEWS: Global Book Marketing

I met Danielle Hampson, Founder of The Authors Show, at the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards in Miami, Florida. The Authors Show is a professional book marketing audio and video program offering authors interviewed a unique marketing outlet for their work.

Three benefits I found from the show include:

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OUTBACK 3D-book-72DPI-RGBLinda Thompson, Show Host, was professional and created a polished interview featuring my new book, OUTBACK: Bothers & Sinisters. The book series has an Australian theme and The Authors Show’s international broadcast helped me reach thousands of potential international readers, book buyers, and Australians I otherwise would not reach.

The Authors Show also provides these optional benefits for a fee:

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OUTBACK-Bothers & Sinisters-www.mwa.companyI highly recommend The Authors Show and Linda Thompson, Show Host, to authors wanting international exposure through radio broadcasts.

Listen to OUTBACK: Bothers & Sinisters Radio Interview