Staff Book Picks: June


Written by Irina Gonikberg Dolinskiy and Illustrations by Mark Wayne Adams
Hardbound ISBN:  978-1-59616-017-0
Pages: 32

Retail Price: $14.95

The parts of speech come magically alive as they participate in a colorful New York City Parade! Each presents and defines itself as it marches down the street and through a child’s imagination.

Written by Jayne Rose-Vallee
Illustrated by Anni Mastick
ISBN: 978-0986192203

Hardbound Retail Price: $17.99

Sabrina has curly hair and a problem. Tangles and knots make her mornings difficult. Try as she might . . . To make her hair “cool,” . . . . The curls make it tricky . . . To comb out for school. At the top of her head . . . Where it’s simply a mess . . . Do creatures hide out there? . . . The answer is YES! Rose-Vallee’s whimsical rhymes combined with the beautiful watercolor illustrations from Anni Matsick make this a children’s book not to be missed! A Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA) 2015 President’s Book Award Finalist for Poetry and Book Cover Design.


Lost In Boston 3D-bookLost in Boston
Written by Jane R. Wood
ISBN: 9780986332500
Paperback Retail Price: $8.99

The Johnson family is traveling to new places again. This time, they fly to Boston and Jennifer Johnson wants her kids to experience some of the town’s history while there. Taking a subway ride for the first time, sampling new foods, and exploring impressive landmarks—like the Paul Revere House, the Old North Church, and the USS Constitution anchored in Boston Harbor—add fun and discovery to this family adventure.


Consistency Counts: Picture Books

Consistency counts in performing well in life and work. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a professional illustrator, practice enhances performance. Studying anatomy, objects, and perspective make even the simplest cartoons believable. Cartoons created without an understanding of these skills appear flat and unprofessional.

Don’t be intimidated by the unknown. Practice skills until they’re no longer a weakness. If your abs are the weakest point, lay off the foods that cover them up. If your draw a hand that looks like a pancake with five sausages, time to study.

Use these five books to correct errors in your illustrations:

  1. The Book of a Hundred Hands (Dover Anatomy for Artists), George B. Bridgeman
  2. Dynamic Figure Drawing, Bume Hogarth
  3. The Art of Animal Drawing: Construction, Action Analysis, Caricature (Dover Art Instruction), Ken Hultgren
  4. Cartoon Animation (Collector’s Series), Preston Blair
  5. Anatomy for the Artist, Jeno Barcsay

When illustrating a picture book be consistent—will appreciate your hard work.

Ridiculous & Silly Book Giveaway!

To kick off February’s I Love to Read Month, MWA, Inc. is giving away one copy each of “Nicholas, That’s Ridiculous!” and “Jilli, That’s Silly!” Whether you know a ridiculous boy or a silly girl, these books will be a hit. Each book includes the story and a “Book Talk” to engage children in discussion, imagination, and perception. These books combined have won twelve picture book awards and qualify as Renaissance Learning Accelerated Readers. Great not only for home reading but classroom as well!

Get the Accelerated Reader (AR) Quizzes here:

Nicholas, That’s Ridiculous!

Jilli, That’s Silly!

Nicholas, That’s Ridiculous! and Jilli, That’s Silly! are two of MWA, Inc’s most popular children’s books. To celebrate, MWA,Inc will give away one copy of each book. (Total retail value: $29.90) To qualify for our giveaway; like, share, or post about the ridiculous boy or silly girl in your life on this blog before February 28, 2015. Persons posting must live within the continental United States. Giveaway will not be shipped outside the continental United States. Winner will be randomly selected and notified March 1, 2015.

Items Given Away:

Nicholas, That’s Ridiculous! Written by Christa Carpenter and Illustrations by Mark Wayne Adams

ISBN:  9781596160026

Retail Price:  $14.95


Jilli, That’s Silly! Written by Christa Carpenter and Illustrations by Mark Wayne Adams

ISBN:  9781596160156

Retail Price:  $14.95