Meet Linda Smigaj, author of “Mayflower: Fly on the Wall Series”


Linda Smigaj, aka Professor Fuddy-Duddy, is a retired schoolteacher who taught elementary school for more than 34 years. She earned her Master of Arts in Speech and Drama, and is National Board Certified in Literacy. This is Linda’s first book in the Fly on the Wall series.

Linda currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida, with her husband Daniel. She has three grown sons, three grandchildren, one granddog, and two cats. Mayflower is her first picture book.

Linda’s website:
Linda Smigaj’s Facebook Page

Written by Linda Smigaj and Illustrated by Mark Wayne Adams
ISBN:  978-1-59616-034-7

Retail Price: $9.99


Inspiring Small Business: D. W. Harper


You did a wonderful job this past year as the FAPA President. To be honest, associations like this have been known to come across as “snooty.” This entire FAPA board has been helpful, informative and very welcoming when I attend the conferences. Your pictures show you having fun! I will continue my membership because of this.

I sincerely thank you, specifically, for all you’ve done for my author and publishing career.

I never anticipated my life taking the path of a writer/publisher which eventually turned into a small business for me. I will always be grateful to, Jane Wood and Frances Keiser, for all they’ve done and who eventually introduced me to you.

I’m a FAPA member and award winner per your suggestion to join. The inspiring recommendations and suggestions, (the networking) you’ve offered such as, school info for presenting my children’s books, award submissions, for eFormatting, and especially my wonderful editor, Jennifer Thomas, who did a great job editing, The Lost Twin have been spot on. You offer great advice through your own experiences, and I can’t thank you enough.”

—D. W.  Harper, Author of The Lost Twinn, Jace’s Adventures, and LOVE, GREED and LIE$