Auschwitz #34207: The Joe Rubinstein Story

Joe and Irene Rubinstein, and author Nancy Sprowell Geise wearing the gold medals from FAPA book awards.
Joe and Irene Rubinstein, and author Nancy Sprowell Geise wearing the gold medals from FAPA book awards.

As a FAPA Board Member, knowing talented and motivating people is a reward. Nancy Sprowell Geise’s FAPA success story is one I’ll always cherish.

“Entering the FAPA President’s Book Award was one of the best things I could have done for my book Auschwitz #34207: The Joe Rubinstein StoryI highly recommend all authors and publishers in North America submit their books to the FAPA President’s Book Award. I had no idea when I entered the contest how much fun it would be and the honor that would come with winning. I even wore my medals home on the plane!
Even if the book had not been a finalist or a medal winner, going to the 33rd Annual FAPA Conference was so helpful and informative. Not to mention, what a blast I had meeting so many talented, interesting and fun people!”
—Nancy Sprowell Geise
nancy-sprowell-geiseNancy Sprowell Geise | Author • Presenter • Motivational Speaker
Topeka, Kansas
An Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author

Authorpreneurs Profit from Fewer Sales

Ever wonder how authorpreneurs profit from fewer book sales? They capture the income traditional publishers receive. As an author, ask yourself:

1.  Is it better to sell 500 traditionally published books receiving a $.20 royalty per book ($100 earned)? If within a year 10,000 books sell, a traditionally published author earns $2,000.00 in royalties. Or

2.  Is it better to sell 10 books as an authorpreneur receiving $10 profit per book ($100 earned)? If within a year 200 books are sold, an authorprenuer earns $2,000.00 in profit.

Publishers use authors’ fan base for repeat success with each new book. Traditionally published authors with a huge fan following make minimal profit on their writing. Authors planning to indie publish should address their need for fans’ contact information with their publisher before breaking away. Authors who capture fans’ contact information have better success as authorprenuers. 

— Mark Wayne Adams, Award-Winning Publisher of Jilli, That’s Silly!: A Story About Being a Girl