Mark’s Book Awards

Mark’s Book Awards for his contributions to published books.

★ Eddie, That’s Spaghetti!

FAPA President’s Book Awards Gold Medalist, Children’s Picture Book Ages 0–7 — 2018

★ Little Miss Grubby Toes, Plays with Fire!

Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Medalist — 2018

FAPA President’s Book Awards Silver Medalist, Children’s Picture Book Ages 0–7 — 2018

Dolly, a Dog, and a Camper

FAPA President’s Book Awards Silver Medalist, Florida: Children’s Picture Book — 2018

FAPA President’s Book Awards Bronze Medalist, Children’s Chapter Book Ages 5–9 — 2018

★ Florida Authors and Publishers Association Founders Award recipient 2017, awarded to a long-standing member who has published multiple books and made great contributions to both the organization and the community.

★ Florida Authors and Publishers Association Board Member to President 2009–2017.

 DOWN UNDER: Kussins

FAPA President’s Book Awards, Cover Design — 2017

FAPA President’s Book Awards, Young Adult Fiction—2017

Book Excellence Awards, Pre-Teen Fiction—2017

Dolly Becomes a Scout

FAPA President’s Book Awards — 2017

OUTBACK: Bothers & Sinisters

FAPA President’s Book Awards Silver Medalist — 2016

★ Mayflower: Fly on the Wall Series

FAPA President’s Book Awards Silver Medalist — 2016

FAPA President’s Book Awards Bronze Medalist — 2016

Readers’ Favorite Silver Medalist, Children’s Educational — 2016

★ A Hand Truck Named Dolly

FAPA President’s Book Awards—2017

Mom’s Choice Awards Silver Medalist — 2016

★ Little Miss Grubby Toes, Steps on a Bee!

FAPA President’s Book Awards Gold Medalist — 2016

Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Medalist — 2015

Readers’ Favorite Award Gold Medalist — 2015

★ Eli’s Balloon

FAPA President’s Book Awards Gold Medalist — 2015

★ Frozen Floppies

National Indie Excellence Award Winner — 2015

Readers’ Favorite Book Awards Finalist — 2015

★ Parts of Speech Parade, New York City

FAPA President’s Book Awards Gold Medalist — 2015

National Indie Excellence Award Finalist — 2015

★ Polly and Her Pigtails

Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Medalist — 2014

FAPA President’s Book Awards Silver Medalist — 2014

National Parenting Publications Awards Silver Medalist — 2014

Purple Dragonfly Award 1st Place (Picture Book 6+) — 2014

Purple Dragonfly Award Honorable Mention (School Issues) — 2014

National Indie Excellence Award Finalist — 2014

Readers’ Favorite Award Silver Medalist — 2014

 Johari’s Joy

Mom’s Choice Awards Silver Medalist — 2014

Eric Hoffer Award Honorable Mention — 2014

National Indie Excellence Award Finalist — 2014

★ Franny’s Rescue

FAPA President’s Book Awards Silver Medalist — 2014

Eric Hoffer Award Honorable Mention — 2014

★ Jilli, That’s Silly! A Story About Being a Girl

Evelyn Thurman Young Readers Book Award — 2014

Ben Franklin Award Silver Medalist — 2013

FAPA President’s Awards Silver Medalist — 2013 

Reader’s Favorite Award Gold Medalist — 2013

National Indie Excellence Award Finalist — 2013

Finalist – Eric Hoffer Award — 2013

Finalist – International Book Awards (Parenting & Family) — 2013

Finalist – International Book Awards (Picture Book) — 2013

★ Nicholas, That’s Ridiculous! A Story About Being a Boy

Florida Publishers Association President’s Award Silver Medalist — 2010

Independent Publisher Award Silver Medalist — 2011

Finalist – Eric Hoffer Award — 2010

Moonbeam Children’s Book Award Gold Medalist — 2009

★ Teddy Tales: The Adventures of a Rescue Puppy and His Friends

Florida Publishers Association President’s Award Silver Medalist — 2012

★ King for a Day, the Story of Stories

Florida Publishers Association President’s Award Silver Medalist — 2011

★ Marlene M. Helm Alumni Achievement Award for contributions to the arts in the Kentucky community and service to the Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts. — 2011

★ The Little Skunk Who Was Afraid to Stink

Moonbeam Children’s Book Award Bronze Medalist — 2009

 Jadyn and the Magic Bubble, Kenya! Kenya!

Finalist – Indie Excellence Award — 2011

 Jadyn and the Magic Bubble, I Met Gandhi!

Finalist – Indie Excellence Awards — 2009

★ 2008 Best of Show, Life in Altamonte City Magazine – Winner in the landscape photo division.

Staff Book Picks: December

Teddy Tales 3D-book

Written by Karen Spruill and Illustrations by Mark Wayne Adams
ISBN:  978-0-98367-230-2
Paperback Retail Price: $7.99

Teddy Tales, designed as a “therapy dog in a book,” is a collection of stories to be shared with young children and their adults. This rescue puppy’s real-life adventures can assist in processing children’s developmental issues and social challenges, besides teaching elements of pet care. Discussion questions are added to each chapter to facilitate classroom or adult-to-child interaction. Counselors, educators, veterinarians, and family members will value this charming resource.


Floppy Book 3D-book
Frozen Floppies
Written by John Hope and Illustrations by Mark Wayne Adams
Hardbound ISBN:  978-159616-018-7
Pages: 32
Retail Price:  $14.95

The Floppies are frozen flopsicles! Fellow Floppies must flex their Floppy brains to rescue their frozen friends. But how can they, with Floppyland borders separating them? Find out how factions of Floppies band together to fight the frost and free the frozen Floppies, in this Royal Palm Literary Award-winning story of friendship.


Scribble Dee Sophie 3D-book

Written by Karen Spruill and Illustrations by Mark Wayne Adams
ISBN:  978-0-98367-232-6
Paperback Retail Price: $9.77

What do you do with a girl like Scribble-Dee Sophie? With words and pictures, Scribble-Dee Sophie tells the story of a little artist who seems born with a crayon in her hand. Early readers and parents can follow her fun and mischief from ages 1 to 12. Scribble Stages sidebars gives adult readers developmental material to better understand their own budding artists. Age-appropriate art supply suggestions are sprinkled along the way. Watch as Sophie scribbles her way through life, learning about art manners and dreams for her future.

“How did you become Readers’ Favorite Illustration Awards Judge?”—Anna Faktorovich, PhD Interview

Faktorovich: You also served as a Readers’ Favorite Illustration Awards judge. How did you win this job? Did somebody else nominate you or did you nominate yourself? You won several awards from this group, so did they automatically nominate you to judge when you hit a certain number of award wins? Beyond what appears on the official rules for contests, what practically makes a difference between illustrations that win an award and those that don’t? Is there an obvious difference between the winners and losers? And if so, what are the most common mistakes made by the losers?

IMG_0638Adams: I met the Readers’ Favorite founder, Debra Gaynor, several times in Miami, Atlanta, Nashville and Frankfort. She solicited me like every author who had a quality book that would grow the now international Reader’s Favorite Awards and Review program. Jilli, That’s Silly! written by Christa Carpenter, received a gold medal and I planned to attend the ceremony in Miami. Debra also invited me to present on the Value of Illustration during the Readers’ Favorite two night annual awards ceremony. While at breakfast, I sketched in my current Best Sketchbook. James Ventrillo, current CEO of Readers’ Favorite, introduced himself and began an impromptu interview for the Reader’s Favorite Illustration Awards judge position.

IMG_0523The awards won through their organization did not automatically make me judge. Professional experience earned the position. Several hundred books in various genres are submitted each year. Judging occurs throughout the year based on: character development, storytelling, cover design, layout, etc. Once a book is scored, the score is final. Until the scoring is complete, who the winner is remains a surprise for them and me.

We’ve all seen books that are obvious winners and losers. I judge on the criteria specifically. Common mistakes made are strong illustrations and a weak graphic design. Cover design is 10 points. If the cover design scores low, great illustrations may not win. Another common mistake is inexperience. The art must relay the story to a non-reader.

My biggest reward in participating as the Readers’ Favorite Illustration Awards Judge is hearing a winner say, “I didn’t think I was that good,” or “There are more talented artists than me.” Receiving feedback from your peers is important!


Read the complete interview with Mark Adams, Award-Winning IllustratorAdams-Author Bio with Anna Faktorovich, PhD

2016 FAPA Award-winners!

Congratulations to Linda Smigaj, Eddie Price, and M.W. Adams! Their books: Little Miss Grubby Toes, Steps on a Bee!, Mayflower: Fly on the Wall Series, and OUTBACK: Bothers & Sinisters, were selected as medalists in the 2016 Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA) President’s Awards. Gold, silver, and bronze medalists will be announced at the 2016 FAPA President’s Awards Banquet on Saturday, August 6, 2016, at the Hilton Orlando/Lake Buena Vista Hotel at the Walt Disney World Resort.

The awards banquet follows FAPA’s Annual Conference: Capture Your Publishing Dream. Over a dozen publishing professionals including Eddie Price will speak on topics from intellectual property to niche marketing. The annual conference not only open to FAPA members, but also authors and publishers nationally. Hotel reservations can be made at FAPA’s group rate of $126.00 at Hilton Orlando/Lake Buena Vista Hotel at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Once again, congratulations to Linda Smigaj, Eddie Price, and M.W. Adams!

Mayflower-Fly on the Wall Series-3D-bookLittle Miss Grubby Toes-Book 3D-book-72DPI-RGB

“Fun Kid’s Book” —Gary Roen, Reviewer

Frozen Floppies
John Hope, author
Mark Wayne Adams, illustrator

“Floppies are little creatures who have many different adventures. The author and artist bring to life in two art forms the world of the Floppies. They also teach kids many valuable lessons that are subtle within the body of the work. “Frozen Floppies” is a fun kid’s book for all ages to enjoy.”

—Gary Roen, Reviewer

Read more at The Midwest Book Review…

Meet Eddie Price: “Widder’s Landing” and “Little Miss Grubby Toes Series”

Eddie Price is a lifelong native of Kentucky. A graduate of Kentucky Wesleyan College (BA) and Western Kentucky University (MA and Rank I). Eddie has taught history for 36 years (31 at Hancock County High School). He has also taught part-time classes for Owensboro Community & Technical College.

The winner of numerous teaching awards, Eddie has coached many award-winning academic teams and history contest winners. He is active in the Hancock County Historical Society and helped organize the Young Historians Club. Eddie is world traveler who enjoys bicycling, horseback riding and swimming. He now lives in Hancock County, Kentucky.

Eddie is also an award-winning author of Widder’s Landing, Life and Love on the Kentucky Frontier. The first book in his children’s book series is Little Miss Grubby Toes, Steps on a Bee. Eddie’s charismatic personality shines through in Little Miss Grubby Toes naughty but lovable character.

Let Eddie bring his award-winning teaching style to your classroom! Author Eddie Price is renowned for his energetic, educational school visits. He combines his talents with safety personnel in your community to present an entertaining lesson that could save lives.

Visit to learn about Eddie’s books and presentations.

Eddie Price
175 Windsong Drive
Hawesville, KY 42348
Author Facebook Page

Meet Mike Woodcock, Award-winning Illustrator

Mike Woodcock (Professional Illustrator, Orlando, FL) Since graduating from the Ringling School of Art & Design with a degree in Illustration, Mike has lived in sunny, warm, Orlando, Florida with his beautiful wife, daughter, and two English bulldogs. During the day he’s a mild-mannered graphic designer, but outside of that, he plays ultimate Frisbee, paints, and draws as much as he can. Mike is also an award-winning children’s book illustrator and one of MWA, Inc. affiliated illustrators.

Mike currently serves on the FAPA Board of Directors helping to expand the organization as well as share his knowledge. His professional knowledge makes him a valuable resource as an illustrator and publisher.

Mike Woodcock can be reached at his website:

Mike Woodcock's KNTR Illustration

Meet Karen Spruill: “Teddy Tales” & “Scribble Dee Sophie”

Karen Spruill, M.A., L.M.H.C., is looking forward to art projects with her new grandson. She is a counselor, blogger and award-winning book author. She believes art is awesome therapy for children and adults. Karen lives in Orlando, Florida, with her husband, and rescue-dog, Teddy. Their two married children, and grandson live nearby. Karen’s Books:

Teddy Tales

  1. Florida Publishers Association President’s Award Silver Medalist – 2012

    Scribble Dee Sophie

“Thanks for helping me bring Teddy Tales to life! I look forward to marketing together and more projects. Keep creating dreams!” – Karen Spruill

Meet Mark Wayne Adams, Award-Winning Author/Illustrator/Publisher

Mark was inspired to chase his entrepreneurial dream in the 3rd grade, selling drawings to classmates. Creating books and inspiring others has always been his passion. Mark’s ability to produce quality illustrations at a fast pace and dedication to mentor others has made MWA, Inc. both successful and unique. In the past five years, his authors have won over 50 book awards and he continues to create new, successful products annually.

Mark contributes his talents and time to the community locally and nationally. He promotes reading and writing via public speaking engagements, book signings, and participation in book events from Florida to the Northeastern United States. He has been recognized through the Kentucky Governor’s School for the ArtsKACo (KY Assoc. of Counties)FAPA BoardSCBWIIBPA, and national book awards. He also volunteers his talents to the Kids Need to Read annual calendar and donates books to various organizations.

Mark’s Published Books

Mark’s Book Awards

Mark’s Associations & Affiliations:

★ Official judge of the Readers’ Favorite Illustration Award 2013–2018.

★ Florida Authors and Publishers Association Board Member to President 2009–2017.

★ Independent Book Publishers Association  Since 2008.

★ SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators) since 2009.

★ Storytellers of Central Florida members range from novice to professionals.

★ Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts Alumni — 1988


Find and follow Mark on social media:

Meet Debra Latiolais

Debra is an award-winning author and passionate storyteller of Polly and Her Pigtails. She believes everyone has a significant life story to share. Debra is dedicated to reviving the art of generational storytelling as a way to preserve family history, while teaching core value lessons that will build a strong foundation for children.

Spending decades working in the corporate arena, Debra tapped into her creative side by writing a series of children’s books inspired by life’s rich tapestries. She created The Age of Storytelling Book Series to deliver colorfully illustrated and enriching stories for young and old alike. Her books are designed to create an atmosphere for “Sharing stories ~~ shaping lives”!

Debra has worked with charitable organizations and women’s groups in the Virginia and Washington DC area for over 20 years. She remains committed to using her voice and talent in support of civic community efforts.

Debra is available for special events, parties, book signing and speaking engagements. She approaches her presentations with tremendous honesty, warmth and humor. She is a thought-leader with the rare ability to inspire audiences, while leaving them with actionable life-changing strategies.

Read more about her books…

You are truly masterful!  Not only are you a gifted artist, but you offer great insight and guidance for a first-time author/publisher.  Thank you for bringing Polly to life and helping me share my story! – Debra Latiolais