What advice would you offer new writers?

What advice would you offer new writers?


Don’t wait to write a great novel. Age is not a limitation to becoming an author. Write everyday moments until the novel revels itself in your average day.

Write often in any format possible. Siri’s dictation on my Apple devices lets me write while walking, driving, or when I’m too lazy to use my thumbs. I carry my Best Sketchbook with me most everywhere to write and draw my thoughts. Use an app like A Novel Idea or software like Scrivener to keep track of your notes. Import your journal entries, dictations, and loose notes once a week into one main document that shows the word count. That will show you how quickly the story grows.

Join a professional writing group to enhance your writing. Join a publishing group to learn the marketing behind writing. Lastly, support local independent book stores. They will be the first to stock your book.

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Being Social: Creative Sales!

Mark Wayne Adams and Elaine Goldberg finally meet at a local Panera. Many of us find private spaces to work. Mark chooses to illustrate in public. Not only to get out of the office but to get readers’ input. 

Elaine commented on Mark’s Kids Need To Read unicorn calendar illustration. As they talked she realized he illustrated her favorite series. Elaine met the author at an Orlando Costco book signing. Now, years later, she meets the illustrator working on a new book in her favorite series. 

Being social happens in many ways and inspires not only fans, but also the people around them. Mark received multiple orders from this meeting, none of which were Elaine’s. He also captured several email addresses inquiring about the new book’s release. 

Mark also signs book orders in public. What reader doesn’t recognize an author signing books! The inventory is on hand for the reader to review. Mark offers to personalize the book, and uses the SquareUp reader and app to capture sales. Mark appreciates being social not only for the sales, but also for building his tribe of followers.

— Mark Wayne Adams, President of FAPA (Florida Authors & Publishers Association)

Moonbeam Award-winning Illustrator for

Nicholas, That’s Ridiculous!