Student Question: How Old Are You?

How Old Are You? That depends on when we meet. You’ll need to do the math. My birthdate was June 28, 1971. I was born in Princeton, Kentucky, a small Western Kentucky town. My parents names are Mary and Larry Adams and they lived in Dawson Springs, Kentucky at that time.

Since my birthday was in June, birthday parties consisted mainly of family. Most years I’d wish my birthday was during the school year so my friends could attend. My favorite thing about birthdays was and is cake—white cake with butter cream frosting!

On my 21st birthday, my mother made me a 21 layer birthday cake. She did the same for my father and this has become a family tradition for all my siblings.


Meet Debra Latiolais

Debra is an award-winning author and passionate storyteller of Polly and Her Pigtails. She believes everyone has a significant life story to share. Debra is dedicated to reviving the art of generational storytelling as a way to preserve family history, while teaching core value lessons that will build a strong foundation for children.

Spending decades working in the corporate arena, Debra tapped into her creative side by writing a series of children’s books inspired by life’s rich tapestries. She created The Age of Storytelling Book Series to deliver colorfully illustrated and enriching stories for young and old alike. Her books are designed to create an atmosphere for “Sharing stories ~~ shaping lives”!

Debra has worked with charitable organizations and women’s groups in the Virginia and Washington DC area for over 20 years. She remains committed to using her voice and talent in support of civic community efforts.

Debra is available for special events, parties, book signing and speaking engagements. She approaches her presentations with tremendous honesty, warmth and humor. She is a thought-leader with the rare ability to inspire audiences, while leaving them with actionable life-changing strategies.

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You are truly masterful!  Not only are you a gifted artist, but you offer great insight and guidance for a first-time author/publisher.  Thank you for bringing Polly to life and helping me share my story! – Debra Latiolais