“Frozen Floppies” Book, Pattern, and Toy Giveaway

The Floppies are frozen flopsicles! Fellow Floppies must flex their Floppy brains to rescue their frozen friends. But how can they, with Floppyland borders separating them? Find out how factions of Floppies band together to fight the frost and free the frozen Floppies, in this Royal Palm Literary Award-winning story of friendship.

Frozen Floppies is one of MWA, Inc’s newest book releases. To celebrate, MWA,Inc will give away one Frozen Floppies book, one 0628 Floppy Toy Pattern (Medium), and one handmade Floppy Toy (Medium). (Total retail value: $155.00) To qualify for our giveaway; like, share, or post a kid friendly comment about friendship on this blog before February 1, 2015. Persons posting must live within the continental United States. Giveaway will not be shipped outside the continental United States. Winner will be randomly selected and notified via the blog by February 5, 2015.

Items Given Away:
Frozen Floppies Written by John Hope and Illustrations by Mark Wayne Adams
ISBN:  9781596160187
Retail Price:  $14.95
ISBN:  9781596160914
Retail Price:  $9.95
Custom made-to-order Floppy doll created from pattern 0628 Floppy Medium Pattern. Made with washable Minky Cuddle fabrics, Silky soft stuffing, Poly pellets, and black bead eyes. (Note: Eyes are secured. Not meant for small children.)
Retail Price:  $125.00