Book Review: A Hand Truck Named Dolly

A Hand Truck Named Dolly 3D-bookKay Whitehouse has written an empowering chapter book about a loving blue hand truck named Dolly. Dolly’s adoption comes with a unique set of challenges brought on by Bear, her new family’s standard poodle puppy. Her story is filled with amusing sibling pranks and humorous puppy accidents.

A Hand Truck Named Dolly has short chapters, age appropriate text, and entertaining illustrations for young readers. The story engagement continues with activities like: Fill in the Blanks, a Crossword, Word Scramble, and Word Search. Free printable versions of these activities are available at the author’s website:

Dolly’s helpful, pleasing personality is a fresh perspective. Families, students, and teachers should adopt this insightful story and its educational activities into reading time!

Hand trucks have been a part of my business and home for decades. Since reading Dolly’s story, my three loyal hand trucks have received names: Tiny, Flip, and Mo.

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Mark Wayne Adams is an award-winning illustrator, author, and publisher of more than 40 children’s books. View Books and Awards


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