Who is Killiope Qweepie?

Moment Four: Sinister

The glass door supporting Driew swung open. He collapsed onto the spongy rain-soaked doormat just inside the doorway. His body lodged the door open, leaving him both inside and out. Raindrops gathering on his lenses distorted an attractive teenage figure standing over him, wearing a sinister smile. Killiope released her grasp on the door.

“Where have you been, little bother?” she asked, wiping her wet face. “I’ve been waiting in the rain while you’re here, hanging out. Oh dear, what have you done?” Straddling him, she dropped onto Driew’s body. She pinned his arms with her sharp knees. “Your glasses are wet. Let’s clean those.” She licked her thumbs then smeared them across his lenses like boney windshield wipers. “Get up, you little bother. Let’s go!” she said, leaving little room for Driew to stand.

OUTBACK: Bothers & Sinisters by M. W. Adams

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