“. . . true meaning of the word ‘family.'”—Chris Fischer, Readers’ Favorite

OUTBACK 3D-book-72DPI-RGBReviewed By Chris Fischer for Readers’ Favorite

In Outback: Bothers and Sinisters, the new young adult novel by author Mark Wayne Adams, and the one of the books in the Family Tree Novel series, which also includes graphic novels, readers will be treated to a very unusual and interesting story that is certainly well worth the read. Protagonist Driew Qweepie is a boy on a mission of sorts, an adventure to find the truth of his family history, what his home is, and the true meaning of the word ‘family.’ Adventurous, thrilling, and exciting at times, the story of Driew’s journeys and growth is one that will have readers hungrily turning the pages until they get to the very end.

Outback: Bothers and Sinisters was a unique and fascinating read. Besides introducing readers to some great characters that they will find intriguing, the book serves as a guide to new terms and language in Australian, American and Qweepie. Young adult readers are certain to learn something from this book, but will also be presented with positive messages about the importance of family and family history. It’s easy for me to be able to recommend this book, both as a great read as well as a guide for children to learn about other cultures and terminology from those cultures. I was excited to find this book, and am very much looking forward to reading more from the highly inventive mind of author Mark Wayne Adams in the very near future. If it’s anything like Outback: Bothers and Sinisters, it will certainly be worth the read!”


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