Reading Group Guide for “OUTBACK: Bothers & Sinisters”

Reading Group Guide for OUTBACK: Bothers & Sinisters

1. How does the author parallel out back the yard to Outback the Australia region?

2. What are Driew’s perceptions of his big sinister, Killiope? Could Killiope have been perceived differently if he understood her sooner?

3. Can you relate to siblings as Bothers and Sinisters? Have there been times when your actions were bothersome or sinister toward your siblings? Were those feelings resolved?

4. In what way has Killiope forced Driew to grow? Is there a defining moment in Driew’s maturation?

5. How does Gulia’s family life contrast Driew’s? Would Gulia have the same experience as Driew if they were switched at birth?

6. How do you think Killiope would have handled being the youngest Qweepie sibling? What are some ways the youngest girl might be treated that the youngest boy wouldn’t be?

7. What stops Killiope’s anger in the Blue chapter? Is there a line she has drawn that keeps her from going too far? Do you have lines drawn in your own family relationship?

8. How does the tornado resolve the issues Killiope has with Driew? How might their relationship be different if the blue had happened sooner?

9. How does Driew’s relationship with Killiope affect his relationship with Ida Mae and Gulia?

10. What role does Ida Mae play in the novel as a permanent fixture on the farm and in Marq’s family?

11. What role does Jameson Junior play in Driew’s story? How does he influence Driew’s actions?OUTBACK 3D-book-72DPI-RGB

12. For most of the novel Eli, the diary, has influenced Gulia and Driew’s friendship. What are other influences that affect both characters’ relationship?

13. Does the Outback appear to be a safe haven for children?

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