Hugh T. Harrington: “Last Roll Call” Review

Mr. Tucker was a B-17 tail gunner in the 97th Bomb Group, 15th Air Force. He flew his 35th mission shortly before the end of the war…and shortly before his 20th birthday. He and his daughter Wanda Tucker Goodwin have written an account of his service beginning with the Pearl Harbor attack when Ken was still in school, through his training and his experiences flying out of Amendola, Italy.

Mr. Tucker does not dwell on the details of the training or combat. Knowledgeable AAF enthusiasts will not find much that is new to them. However, those who are new to the study of the U.S. contributions the air war in Europe will be delighted.

The writing style is wonderful. The book reads as if Mr. Tucker were sitting across the room telling the reader about his experiences. I didn’t want the story to end. He is very modest in his approach but reading between the lines it is clear that this was no picnic.

The book reads fast and left me very satisfied. I also had great admiration for Mr. Tucker and those thousands of men who flew with him.


Hugh T. Harrington, Author of Civil War Milledgeville: Tales from the Confederate Capital of Georgia

 The Last Roll Call written by Kenneth Tucker and Wanda Tucker Goodwin.