Interrogation: “Last Roll Call” Excerpt

25:  Interrogation

After one particularly rough mission, I got a little carried away with the shots. I always took mine and Jack’s because he didn’t drink. Michael wasn’t feeling too well that day so he let me have his. Somebody else offered me another, and I happily threw that one down too. Before I had time to take anybody up on another offer, Dwight took me by the arm and told me I had had enough. He led me out to the truck waiting to take us to interrogation. When we arrived and started climbing out, he pointed his finger at me and said, “Don’t you say a damn word.”

The Last Roll Call written by Kenneth Tucker and Wanda Tucker Goodwin.


Santa Ana Army Air Field, California: “Last Roll Call” Excerpt

9 – Santa Ana Army Air Field, California: Classification

We had been there less than two weeks when everybody in my squadron received a letter from General Hap Arnold, Commanding General of the Army Air Corp. That memo would forever change our military dreams. It read something like this: “At this time there are too many personnel in air-crew training. Your squadron will be taken out of training. You will be given your choice of other fields that are experiencing shortfalls.”

The Last Roll Call written by Kenneth Tucker and Wanda Tucker Goodwin.

Little Miss Grubby Toes: Steps on a Bee!: Word Search

16-LMGT-Steps on a Bee-Word_Search

Little Miss Grubby Toes: Steps on a Bee!: Word Search

Put readers’ skills to the test with our Grubby Toes reader word search. Can your reader find all the words related to the book, vocabulary words, and Grubby Toes events?

See how many of the Grubby Toes words readers can find and have fun with this free puzzle game. This teaching resource is a fun and easy activity that will keep students happy and save teachers time.

My Family: “Last Roll Call” Excerpt

Chapter 3:  My Family

I was very happy and proud to see my family doing all we could to help with the war efforts. We did the best we could with our ration cards and were always willing to help out other families who never seemed to have enough food and supplies. Because Dad produced food for the public, he was entitled to more than the usual ration of gasoline which was two gallons a week. My family never went hungry, but we sure did eat a lot of mullet and beans. Even today, fried mullet and lima beans remain one of my favorite meals, maybe with the addition of a little coleslaw.

The Last Roll Call written by Kenneth Tucker and Wanda Tucker Goodwin.

Combat Mission #1: “Last Roll Call” Excerpt

32:  Combat Mission #1

The day finally arrived, November 19, 1944, the first of my 35 required combat missions. If that wasn’t stressful enough, I learned that first-combat missions were never flown with your own crew; instead you flew with an experienced crew. I understood the logic, but it sure was a strange and scary feeling to board that Fortress and prepare for the mission with a bunch of strangers.

The Last Roll Call written by Kenneth Tucker and Wanda Tucker Goodwin.

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