The Trip Over: “Last Roll Call” Excerpt

13:  The Trip Over

So now we knew that we were not going to be joining the illustrious 8th Air Force in England. We were not going to be in an English-speaking country with friendly neighbors and pretty local girls to date. We wouldn’t have local pubs to visit or weekend passes to London. There was little chance that Andy Rooney or Walter Cronkite would be paying us a visit. The war correspondents wanted assignments where they had access to comfortable hotels and good meals. No chance that Major Clark Gable would grace us with an appearance. He was a glamour boy who had been assigned to the 8th to help boost their glamorous reputation. Bob Hope’s USO Shows probably wouldn’t make it to our area either. No, we were headed to the not-so-glamorous 15th Air Force.

The Last Roll Call written by Kenneth Tucker and Wanda Tucker Goodwin.