With Love Zora: Student Comments

Dear Mr. Mark Wayne Adams,

I really like your art in some of your books, like “The Fart Fairy” and “My Friendly Giant.” Do you use watercolor? If so, it looks super good with all the bright colors you use. I really love your horses though. Like in “Good Nightmare.” I loved that. I saw some of your mermaids too. How did you get such great detail? I just LOOOOVVVVEEEE it! I can never get that detail in my art…Could you give me some pointers? To show you some of my sketches I’m gong to add another piece of paper in here.

I heard that you’re a traveling illustrator. Where are some of the places you’ve traveled to? Have you been to Kentucky? That’s where I live. How about Maine? I was born there. Or Indiana, that’s where my sis was born.

Have you ever had people not believe in you? A lot of my friends act like that they always say I’m going got fail on tests or not make it to parties and that they’re my only chance at ever having friends Ugh. How did you get inspired to draw? Sometimes I just sit and think about what I want to draw. I have a hard time finding inspiration! We’ll I appreciate you even reading this because you seem like a really busy kind of person. Well thanks for reading my letter!

All I really want to say is your art is amazing and I particularly like your horses and mermaid. I’m sure you get a lot of letters with the same things I said. I mean you have over 30 illustrated book! I mean you must get a ton of letters! I just wanna thank you for reading! Please respond!”

With Love,