Finding Inexpensive Illustrators

You’ve found me!

All joking aside. My illustrator friends and I do offer quality and affordability. Most authors and/or publishers ask: “What’s the ball park price to illustrate a 32 page children’s book?” A typical response is: “One thousand dollars per page.”

The author and/or publisher stumbles backwards, stutters, then mumbles, “I could never afford you!”

This quote is worst case scenario before I review a project. As a professional, I request to read the story, require a basic marketing plan, and the budget. Then I quote an illustration project accurately using the Graphic Artist’s Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines. Project price depends on the number of illustrations required not page count.

If a book has a spread, one illustration spanning 2 pages, it’s considered one illustration. Therefore a 32 page book may only require 16 illustrations. The book may be 32 pages, however the illustrations don’t equal the page count.

This is why my friends and I may be the inexpensive illustrators you’re seeking. Illustrators I would refer are: Mike Woodcock, Christopher Epling, and Steve Riley. I know other illustrators, however the illustrators I listed work within similar pricing.

Mark Wayne Adams, Award-Winning Illustrator of The Belly Button Fairy