“Why do you attend conferences?” FAPA President’s Letter: March

A non-publishing friend asked, “Why do you attend conferences Mark?”

As the president of a publishing organization, it’s kinda mandatory. However, that wasn’t my answer. I responded with two reasons.

First, knowing everything about publishing is impossible. My publishing education happens weekly, monthly, and annually. Conferences commit me to continued education twice a year.

My second response is to network with other humans like me. My family—sixteen aunts and uncles, countless cousins, in-laws, and outlaws—has only produced one other published writer. Networking with fellow publishers increases my creativity, goal setting, and production. Plus it validates I’m not the only publisher in the world.

We are three months into the new year. Resolutions abandoned and Spring upon us, what to do. Notorious March “comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” What lions need to become lambs in your publishing business?  Don’t face challenges alone. Plug into your publishing network through Spring Conferences, Annual Conferences, or through social media.

FAPA membership is growing. Rely not only on a FAPA Board Member, but also other FAPA members online and in person. Be sure to share when you learn something new. Maybe we’ll network at the 2015 FAPA Spring Conference!

Mark Wayne Adams,  2015 FAPA President

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