10 Reasons for Joining FAPA: Florida Authors & Publishers Association

Mark’s TOP 10 Reasons for Joining FAPA (Florida Authors & Publishers Association):

1.  Get advice from other professional publishers.

2.  FAPA social media provides current and practical information by publishers for publishers.

3.  FAPA helps define your Florida platform and the markets you serve.

4.  You can display your books at FAPA-staffed booths at the major industry trade shows.

5.  FAPA educational Programs. The Annual Publishing Conference brings you to another level as you learn new skills and make key contacts.

6.  FAPA Membership is on $65!

7.  Being a member makes you a part of the largest community of Florida publishers. FAPA promotes the interests of independent authors and publishers.

8.  Meet a network with real people in the industry our online communities on Facebook, LinedIn and Twitter.

9.  Save time. FAPA has the tools and resources to guide you in the right direction when you need ideas and know-how, including the marketing progress to relieve you of clerical chores so you can do what you do best-plan your work and work your plan.

10.  Invest in your future. FAPA is constantly looking ahead toward the next generation of the profession. Publishing changes at light speed.