For six years I’ve traveled as a public speaker in schools and professional events. Approximately four months of my time is spent in Kentucky each year. The reason for Dream Built’s purchase of the 1898 Day Bros. building in Dawson Springs, Kentucky is the quick commute to I-69 (Interstate 69) for travel to major cities like Nashville, TN; Evansville, IN; Bowling Green, Louisville, Lexington, KY; and St. Louis, MO. The building serves as a warehouse for our children’s books, however the space could be much more: a studio space, a center for learning, and a residence for visitors to the area.

Numerous professionals from former Governor Steve Beshear to myself call Dawson Springs our hometown. Its beauty is found in its simplicity of lifestyle and transparency from major metropolises. My hope with the 1898 Day Bros. renovation is that it will inspire contributions from not only former peers, but also  by the relocation of enthusiastic, energetic, and dynamic entrepreneurs to revive homes and businesses, changing this very special place into “A Very Very Special Place.”

I have released 1,898 illustrations from my collection of more than 2,500 children’s book illustrations to fund the 1898 Day Bros. renovation.  The goal is to raise $189,800.00 for the renovation and new business startup. Renovations will start from the ground upward and take approximately twelve months after the goal is achieved to complete repairs. Help us meet a January 2019 deadline by sponsoring the 1898 Day Bros. Renovation.

Visit our progress on the 1898 Day Bros. Renovation

MWA Inc-1898 Illustration Sponsorship-Mark Wayne